Hello, anyone home? Hello?

Wow. December? It’s been that long since the last time I updated this blog? Wait, I can explain. The cat ate my homework newspaper. Not buying it? Umm, would you believe … witness protection program? No?

Okay, okay, I’ll ‘fess up. Thanks to a busted knee, I spent the better part of the winter sports season on the long-term DL, lounging in my living room with my leg propped up on a pillow. Kind of tough to cover games from the couch, so the local hoops and wrestling coaches got a break from having to put up with me.

Their spring-sports counterparts weren’t as lucky, though. I’ve been back out at the ballfields and tracks (and in the pages of the Reporter Argus) since early April, which means that sheer lethargy is my only excuse for not putting those reports here or sending them along to Doc McCormick’s excellent site, PortAllegany.net.

My bad. Since this blog was essentially created as an archive for my RA stories, I’ll be going back and adding a few forgotten pieces before getting around to the current stuff.

And if anyone’s still out there, I promise it won’t be another five months until the next update.

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