Pearsall dives back into NCAA records

Port Allegany native Logan Pearsall, now a senior at Clarion, earned his second consecutive Diver of the Year award at the recent 2011 NCAA Division II national championships in San Antonio, Texas. (Photo courtesy of Clarion University.)


Lori Chase
Port Allegany Reporter Argus
March 31, 2011

When his feet hit the springboard for the final time on the last three-meter dive of his college career, a front two-and-a-half with a twist, Logan Pearsall thought he was in trouble.

“I was just trying to think of what my coach had said: to have a good hurdle, a good takeoff, get my head up, things like that. I started walking on the board, and when I did my hurdle I stepped back, like, four inches from the end of the board. The first thing that went through my mind was, ‘oh, crap,’ because I was so far back on the end of the board,” the Port Allegany grad and Clarion senior recalled.

“Luckily, during practice I’ll do three of six dives from that far back, so I was used to doing it from there. So I just threw really hard for the dive; when I hit the water, it felt like a really good entry, but I wasn’t sure because I was so far back. So when I hit the water, I was pretty unsure of myself.

“After every dive I look at my coach, and depending on his reaction, I know if it was good or not. I looked over, and he’s jumping up and down with his hands in the air, so I knew that it was a really good dive.”

Good enough to win a fourth national championship with 565.15 points, outclassing his nearest competitor by a double-digit margin and obliterating his own NCAA record along the way at the recent 2011 Division II nationals in San Antonio, Texas.
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